Agnelorajesh Athaide is a First Generation Self-made Serial and Social Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Educationist and Motivational speaker. As Chairman of St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures, his goal is to develop real estate properties and get affordable luxury housing to the reach of the common man.

About Agnelorajesh

Real Estate Business

Through St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures (SAVV Global) Agnelorajesh and his partners are committed towards creating world-class homes with a futuristic and customer-centric vision. He and his wife Sugra, have partnered with Nagu Chidambaram and GeethaNagu from Tamil Nadu, for this venture.


Provide ‘Affordable Luxury’
High ROI in Asset Appreciation
Premium Quality Materials
Exclusive Customer Service and Support

SAVV Global has residential projects across Mumbai, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Dubai. Do check for more details.

Life is a Beautiful Journey and
a Gift by God

Mr. Agnelorajesh was invited by JOSH talks to share his business life, his learnings and his vision for the future. An ode to making Obstacles, Opportunities.

Charting a Brighter Future

Mr.Agnelorajesh was Reliance GCS Connect’s very first Inspirational Speaker. Watch his Slumdog Millionaire story and stay inspired.

What People Say...

"Agnelorajesh Athaide is an incredible human being. His thoughts can radiate you and linger on to awaken the best in you. He may disappear from your sight but his aura and words remain in your thoughts and trigger a chain of reactions with a heightened sense of purpose."
Dr. Sangeeta Kamath (Ph.D)

Business Boosters LLP (Founder Partner) and White Collar Legal LLP (Partner)

"Agnelorajesh is a selfless, encouraging and a very inspiring person. He has the gift of the gab and knows how to get the best out of an ordinary person and turn him into an extraordinary one. He is contented and above all whatever he does he does with great humility. "
Mahesh Mudda

Managing Director and CEO, NCCCL

"Agnelorajesh is a human dynamo! Super Energetic! The first time we met was in connection to a business deal. That was my fastest deal ever. We met, spoke and shook hands, leaving everything else at the negotiating table. I was stunned and awed by his speed!"
Darryl Pereira

Reira group, Portugal.

"I admire his way of tackling problems, and I’m deeply inspired by his fearlessness. It is always a learning session to be with him because he gives an altogether different perspective of any situation. Also, he gives an honest opinion to a person even if he is not going to like it."
Vincent Mathias

CMD, Velvin Group of Companies

"Agnelorajesh is an electrifying personality. He is knowledgeable on several subjects because of his large friend circle and strong associations. He finds it hard to say a ‘no’ to anybody. But if he does not give you an answer in 4 seconds, you can consider it to be a ‘no’."
Dr Vivek G Mendonsa

Director - Marketing, LAWRENCE & MAYO

"Sharing all that is good and helpful freely without any expectations is his forte. Even a stranger can feel like family once around him because of his ever smiling face and a warm persona. He has always made me feel important! In his company I’ve learned that givers always gain."
Sumit Sabnis

Founder Colaba Arts

"He is a fantastic giver. With a strong mission and vision, he has a phenomenal personal brand image and carries a mesmerizing aura around him. Extremely well connected across the globe, he is ever ready to help, promote, guide and connect people to his network. "
Rohit Raul

Founder & Chairman, Business Opportunities Club

" He genuinely builds my confidence, every time we meet. Because he is so transparent, it’s always easy and comfortable to be around him. He makes everyone feel at home and is genuinely interested in others. He knows exactly what questions to ask in order to get the right answers."
Swati Rajneesh Barve

Partner & Owner, Adventures Unlimited & Red Castle Farms

"He is a terrific orator and a moving encyclopedia. Every month I get a chance to be with Agnelorajesh personally for half a day. This eventually happens to be the best learning time of the month, where I get to learn from his practical experiences."
Sushant Raorane

Co-founder & Director, Adroit Biomed Limited

A Sneak Peak into his Life


Message from Agnelorajesh for you,
“I believe, ‘Progress multiplies by Sharing’ and I feel it’s my responsibility to support you and empower you to tap into your own potential, become a game changer, and live the life of your wishes. Just the way I did it. If I can do it, so can you”