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COVID-19: Positive Impacts of the Corona Virus

Disaster and calamities can be great levelers – no pun intended. If we look back at human history and the way we have progressed over the centuries, it is a known fact that such dire situations unleash whole new creativity and an even more significant spurt in progress in the next few years or decades. The Black death, revolutions across different countries, the world wars, the cold war, have all resulted in agricultural, technological, and industrial revolutions which have brought humankind to its current stage of progress. If these had not happened, we might have been far behind in terms…

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COVID-19: Immediate effect on Global Connectivity and Tech Industry

While the initial outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent global pandemic has disrupted all industries, the connectivity and tech industry has proved to be a boon in many ways to combat the spread of the disease. Although major tech conferences and collaborations have been negatively impacted, the need for faster and more effective ways of connecting has been accepted and will hopefully be adopted by all governments to mitigate and contain the effects of the coronavirus and to keep businesses and essential services in operation. 5G will be adopted faster The super-speed and the increased connectivity of 5G technology have…