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Multi-sided platforms: The New Promising Business Model

While virtually every kind of business, barring essentials and a few other industries, are showing a significant downtrend in earnings, there is one business model that seems to be going from strength to strength. This is the multi-sided platform business, and it could be your way out of the economic slowdown that is looming ahead of us. Most importantly, with household incomes expected to come down, they will be looking for bargains, which will help them conserve valuable cash. Hence platform businesses that offer them well-priced products will be much in demand. Uber Eats is an example of a company…

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COVID-19: Real Estate Dynamics Has Changed Forever

Two’s a company, but three is a crowd. That’s going to pop into our minds every time we step into the crowded elevator of our building or a crowded office conference room. Things will never be the same again. The COVID-19 pandemic will be deeply ingrained in our minds for a long time to come. Social distancing will be top of mind for everyone. Naturally, people will get choosier about where they live and where they work. Since lockdowns will be prevalent until the pandemic ceases to take its toll, home is where you will be for a longer time.…

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COVID-19: Marketing Insights

Today, consumers’ demands have changed drastically due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdown. While fear is the underlying emotion in most minds, there are specific insights that marketers and brands will need to keep in mind when they target their clients from now onwards. If you look at entertainment and buying choices, people are living more in the past and the future rather than the present. Obviously, the situation being what it is, the present looks bleak, but the future is still hopeful. If you look at entertainment demand, consumers are more into nostalgia. They would instead think about…