Investing Mistakes

Major Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Startups

Investing in a startup involves due diligence at all levels. It includes ascertaining the current market positioning of the startup, its current and potential scalability, and appropriate utilization of invested funds. Other factors that should influence the decision-making for investing in a startup include the team behind the startup, and the other means through which the company is generating revenue. As an investor, it becomes equally important to understand that no impulsive decision is taken based on emotion and hype. Let us evaluate each of the aspects mentioned above to understand the mistakes that each investor should avoid while considering…

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Where and How to Invest After COVID-19

With most businesses suffering due to the lockdowns and with demand expected to slow down considerably in the coming months, a lot of investors will be wondering where and how to invest in the future. What such an investor needs to accept is that he is not going to be able to play the market well. When to invest and when to get out of it is going to be very difficult to predict because the rules of the game have been changed in ways we did not foresee earlier. And these rules will continue to change soon. Balanced portfolio…