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COVID-19: How it will improve the world’s viewpoint

While COVID-19 has scared and scarred us at the same time, the good news is that we can now see a brighter future for humanity. This will give an immediate impetus to the environmental improvement initiatives, not only in India but all across the world. Let’s take a look at what positive measures we can expect soon. Ready for future pandemics The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call for the world to have facilities and infrastructure in place to better tackle such situations in the future. It is not acceptable that we will probably have to wait 18 months for…

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COVID-19: Positive Impacts of the Corona Virus

Disaster and calamities can be great levelers – no pun intended. If we look back at human history and the way we have progressed over the centuries, it is a known fact that such dire situations unleash whole new creativity and an even more significant spurt in progress in the next few years or decades. The Black death, revolutions across different countries, the world wars, the cold war, have all resulted in agricultural, technological, and industrial revolutions which have brought humankind to its current stage of progress. If these had not happened, we might have been far behind in terms…

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COVID-19: Nature Is Rejoicing

Our lives have been turned topsy-turvy, thanks to the pandemic. But nature is undoubtedly rejoicing. Yes, you heard that right. While we stay indoors and stop all businesses, transport, etc., the reduction in pollution is showing quite clearly. Visibility is clear for miles around, and nature is taking back what rightly belongs to her. Though this may not last long, once the lockdown is over, it is thought-provoking to see what could have been if human beings would not pollute the environment as much as we do. Let’s hope we all wisen up and give the environment the respect it…