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COVID-19: How to Effectively Communicate with Clients with Empathy

Most corporates are busy blasting emails to customers about the latest updates on the coronavirus front, or how to wash their hands, or how to wear masks. The customer’s email boxes are overflowing with such advice. This is a phase when one needs to be more sensitive and show empathy not only towards the client but also towards others such as retailers, suppliers, investors, etc. When your email is full of every company telling you what to do, this leaves a bad taste about such brands. All of these people are going through tough times, and they will appreciate it…

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11 Ideas to Maintain Effective Customer Service

Customer service becomes crucial during a crisis. While this has various challenges, it is also a boon for brands to build loyalty during this time. An unresponsive attitude or some ambiguity where customers are frustrated about how to get your products, or service for these products, can lead to a shift in brand loyalty and a resultant loss in the client base. It is precisely during such times that you will find a sudden spurt in the number of calls to your call center or customer service numbers, and you need to be prepared for such contingencies. Here are some…