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COVID-19: Marketing Insights

Today, consumers’ demands have changed drastically due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdown. While fear is the underlying emotion in most minds, there are specific insights that marketers and brands will need to keep in mind when they target their clients from now onwards. If you look at entertainment and buying choices, people are living more in the past and the future rather than the present. Obviously, the situation being what it is, the present looks bleak, but the future is still hopeful. If you look at entertainment demand, consumers are more into nostalgia. They would instead think about…

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How to Connect Effectively with your Team

Communication is one of the most difficult aspects of the lock-down scenario. While employees are working from home, it becomes very hard to pass on information from top to down and vice versa. However, it is equally true that communication between the management and employees is extremely crucial in this stage not only to achieve targets but also to make sure that employees are safe and sound in this crisis. Here are a few ideas that entrepreneurs can use to build up team spirit and show your leadership abilities in this situation. Show the team how much you care Don’t…