Chennai Singhams

St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures has forayed into sports by buying the St. Angelo’s VNCT Chennai Singhams futsal team in the Premier Futsal League (PFL).

Futsal a shorter version of football, with just 5 players aside and a playground which is 1.5 times that of a basketball ground, is a more creative display of skills and blazing speed in just 40 minutes.

The objective of St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures is to support this fastest growing sport in India and create futsal tournaments across all cities in India. They are all geared up to identify the Ronaldinhos and Crespos of the Indian soil

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Womens Throwball Premium League

Womens Throwball Premium League

St. Angelo’s VNCT Ventures is associated with the Women’s Throwball Premier League. It is one of the first leagues meant solely for women in India with Danish Hingora, Suman Manik and Lavina Alag being in the management of the league.

The league aims at empowering women and creating a platform for them to come in and join sports as a form of fitness. Further, funds are raised from the event to help various downtrodden and needy segments of the society.