Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide

Chairman Global St. Angelo’s Group of Companies. 

Business:- Venture Funding  


  • Real Estate Development
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  •  Food Tech
  • Safety & Security Tech
  • Fintech; Ecommerce
  • Content Development
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A Trendsetter. A Powerhouse. An Inspiration.

Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide is a First Generation Serial and Social Entrepreneur, the founder & Chairman of Global St. Angelo’s Group of Companies, a venture Funding enterprise, and the chief mentor and co-founder of the Business Opportunity Club (BOC) – a premium business networking and mentoring platform that helps SME’s and MSME’s scale up to the next level. 

As a self-made entrepreneur with an inspiring story of passion, self-motivation, and willpower to succeed, Agnelorajesh today is a formidable global entrepreneur and a powerful orator on economics and entrepreneurship, which he speaks about based on the experiences of his life and business.

The Foundation Days

As a first-generation serial and social entrepreneur, he ventured into the world of business with data processing while pursuing his graduation. However, his training as an entrepreneur began early on, when at the age of 16 he began working as a part-time door-to-door salesman, while he was still a schoolboy, so he could contribute to the family earnings which were meagre at the time. In classic rags-to-riches story, filled with motivation and a never say die attitude, Agnelorajesh Athiade went on from a young boy of 16 selling household items as a salesman to becoming the founder of one of India’s formidable private computer education companies.

Starting with a single computer, St. Angelo’s Professional Computer Education became a reputed and sought-after brand, with multiple centres spread across Maharashtra. 

Agnelorajesh has successfully educated lakhs of students, who are now working across the globe. As an innovative entrepreneur who believes in not just earning money but creating value for all his stakeholders, Agnelorajesh has brought about constructive disruption in almost all of his ventures.

With St. Angelo’s Computer Education, for example, he initiated an ‘after-sales service’ as a concept for the first time in the field of computer education in India. He created an opportunity where St. Angelo’s alumni could come back and repeat their courses at any of the St. Angelo’s centres, for free, whenever they required. He was also the first to promote and get a sanction of education loans for private education for his students seeking to pursue computer education, for the first time in India.

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Empowering Businesses

Agnelorajesh is also a co-founder of BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CLUB, a platform where he mentors entrepreneurs to the next level of growth by effecting mindset change in them. It’s a platform where ideas get validated and solutions are discussed on challenges faced by entrepreneurs. 

Apart from entrepreneurship and business, Agnelorajesh is also an avid sports fan and has founded the Chennai Singhams futsal team. His team captain was Hernan Crespo. He also actively promotes the Women’s Throwball Premier League.

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A Knowledge Giver

As a self-made, first-generation entrepreneur with diversified business interests, Agnelorajesh is a firm believer in the concept of learning, earning and return. This has led to his various mentorship initiatives where he leverages both mass and private media platforms to share his experience and knowledge, inspiring the next generation of young entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve their goals.

Through talks on live seminars, his YouTube page – Inspiring Business Fundas, his interactive entrepreneur engagements – Inspiring Conversations and through keynote addresses at business and trade association events, colleges and media platforms, Agnelorajesh has currently reached out to lakhs of people, both on a national and international level.

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An Author and an Influencer

He has also penned down his experiences and highlighted the journey of his life in his book which is set to further spread his motivational and inspiring thoughts to millions of entrepreneurs across the world. The name of the book is OBSTACLES TO OPPORTUNITIES, An entrepreneur’s journey. The book has been published by The Times of India.

During the period of lockdown, while most entrepreneurs were busy consolidating and mulling over the next stages of surviving their business, Agenlorajesh has once again taken the lead and conducted many social media live online sessions in partnership with international thought leaders across the fields of education, mental health, infrastructure, real estate and economy by engaging with thousands of people across the world and motivating them and empowering their thoughts and vision. These discussions and his thoughts are published in a book titled ‘50 life mantras for life and business solutions.

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Focus on Value Creation

Today Agnelorajesh is a keen investor in companies which are value based and which add value to the lives of people in multiple ways. He has invested in sectors of hospitality, restaurants, technology, content development, sports and consumable products. 

Santé Spa Cuisine is a company which is Co-owned by Agnelorajesh. 

SANTE SPA CUISINE uses the freshest, most natural and Non-White Produce and is currently present in Mumbai Pune Chennai Bangalore Ahmedabad operating out of 8 restaurants in these 5 cities of India. 

VEGETARIAN | JAIN | GLUTEN-FREE | VEGAN are the options available at all the outlets.

Santé offers Global Cuisine made from local ingredients and doesn’t use any colours, flavours, additives or preservatives in the food.

Santé Healthy Nuts, Sante Hampers and Santé Subscriptions are the other ventures he has created on the platform of Santé Spa Cuisine. 

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Growth for One and All

Agnelorajesh is also an equity shareholder in Zimaxx technology solutions which has Developed captain India, an app for personal safety and security. 

Today, Agnelorajesh plays a role as a venture capitalist by investing in business ventures. He invests in companies which are looking out for growth capital. He is a strategic investor and invests not only capital but does mentors, strategies and relationships connect to the growth of the entities. He is keen to invest in multiple entities and take them on the growth path for better revenues and better valuations.