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COVID-19: HNIs, Startups, and Businesses to The Rescue

It is heartening to see a world united in its fight against COVID-19. While countries are collaborating and learning from each other, startups and established businesses are also coming forward with innovative and effective ways to fight the pandemic. Tycoons and industrialists are putting their best foot forward too. India has released medicine to the US and is also considering helping its neighbors with the same, while China and other countries are supplying respirators, masks, gloves, etc., and a host of other materials needed in this fight. Here are just a few names that come to mind. The list is…

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COVID-19: Will it Change Our Beliefs and Way of Thinking?

We have spoken a lot about how the current crisis will change business in many ways. What we also need to realize is that it will change us personally in a big way too. The way we behave and the way we think will be poles apart to what we used to do earlier. We need to be prepared for such changes and adapt quickly to the new way of working in society. A new look at patriotism Earlier, we had heard of cases where people stood up in public places and clapped when people from our armed forces passed…

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Quantum Leaps Can Be Achieved With Quantum Leaps In Your Productivity

The differentiator of the successful person is the quality of his efforts, which are more productive than others. Like Shahrukh Khan who began with the television and then with the same amount of better efforts came to the National cinema and is today a global sensation. His productivity just kept multiplying. Every day we evolve. And we need to be aware of how much we evolve. This could be your productivity growth. And it can happen with efforts which are well thought of and well planned activities. We need to segregate our most important goals and tasks and we need…