Obstacles to Opportunities

A highly motivating book, which highlights the incidents of a real-life young boy who in spite of the trials and tribulations of life, sculpts his way from scratch to become a renowned entrepreneur. The book compels you to introspect and probe within yourself and realize the possibilities life holds for you. It teaches you to see the positive end of every circumstance surrounding you.

A reading of this book is a warranty of cheer motivation as it triggers you to achieve something bigger. The positivity the book oozes ingrains in you the idea that nothing is impossible. Simple yet captivating, the book holds the treasure of practical business experiences from a self-made man. Any entrepreneur is sure to take home some learning from the relentless and untiring spirit of the author.

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    Reason For Writing This Book

    “I have been lucky to enjoy some unique experiences in life. I always wanted to share my experiences with the world so as to motivate youngsters and guide them to whatever extent possible.

    Learning from the experiences of others is the best way to learn and move forward in life. I have learnt so much from the people around me and the people with whom I have worked and dealt with.

    This book is a give back to the society. It’s the outcome of all my real life work experiences, which will benefit every reader of this book. I wish each one reading this book will prosper in knowledge and wealth; and each one will write a similar book rather a better one, to motive still more people so that more entrepreneurs are created who will not only create wealth for themselves but also for the country”.

    – Agnelorajesh Athaide