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    Reason For Writing These Books

    “I have been lucky to enjoy some unique experiences in life. I always wanted to share my experiences with the world so as to motivate youngsters and guide them to whatever extent possible. Learning from the experiences of others is the best way to learn and move forward in life. I have learnt so much from the people around me and the people with whom I have worked and dealt with.

    These books is a give back to the society. It’s the outcome of all my real life work experiences, which will benefit every reader. I wish each one reading my books will prosper in knowledge and wealth; and each one will write a similar book rather a better one, to motive still more people so that more entrepreneurs are created who will not only create wealth for themselves but also for the country”.

    – Agnelorajesh Athaide

    agnelorajesh Obstacles to Opportunities

    Obstacles to Opportunities

    How do you build a successful business?
    How do you developing a thriving mindset and keep it going?
    How do you handle adversity and the unique challenges of the Indian environment to achieve success for yourself and others?

    His fierce desire to contribute to his family’s modest income made him start early in business – he was still a student when he began his first venture. His business lessons were not from foreign books on academic principles, but from his poor neighbourhood in Mumbai. Observation, experimentation, failure and more experimentation finally led to St. Angelo’s computer classes, and success followed success as Rajesh worked harder and smarter.

    We hope that these home-grown, deeply intelligent insights will give you inspiration to begin your own business journey – and turn obstacles into opportunities.

    50 New Life Mantras: A business and personal guide amid COVID-19

    The global pandemic scenario motivated Agnelorajesh to write positive thoughts about how we can behave and collate together people and resources across the world for the general good, well-being and development not only of personal lives but also the development of the global economy.

    The future is going to be a new world order where there will be no geographical boundaries and people all across the world will come together and create solutions for the betterment of lives and livelihood.

    In Agnelorajesh’s words, “Whenever I’ve faced any adversity in life, I’ve looked for those subtle takeaways. This book is a compilation of the umpteen positive possibilities that came along the tide of COVID-19. It is a collection of tips, tricks, and tactics of how industries can adapt to keep pace with the changing times. It’s about strategies that can be tweaked to get optimum results despite the challenging circumstances.

    agnelorajesh 50 New Life Mantras