COVID-19: Marketing Insights

Today, consumers’ demands have changed drastically due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdown. While fear is the underlying emotion in most minds, there are specific insights that marketers and brands will need to keep in mind when they target their clients from now onwards.

If you look at entertainment and buying choices, people are living more in the past and the future rather than the present. Obviously, the situation being what it is, the present looks bleak, but the future is still hopeful. If you look at entertainment demand, consumers are more into nostalgia. They would instead think about their happy memories, watch old serials or films, or think about a good future. So take tips from that.

Brands need to position themselves accordingly when approaching consumers. Here is a look at what is the buzzword now.

Don’t wait for long research reports

Now is the time to change or adjust your image for the consumer. If you wait for detailed reports which will come after a few months, you may miss the bus. The answers are in your very home. See what you or your family prefer now compared to earlier, and you will know how to design your marketing material to suit the customer.

Offer to be useful, or make them happy or give hope

If you are offering helpful something, then you are safe, since consumers are currently into essentials. Otherwise, you need to provide them happy memories, which mostly means you have to play on nostalgia or offer them hope of a better future.

Motivate the consumer

A lot of consumers will be looking for motivational content or products which motivate them to do better. So exercise equipment, health supplements, or educational courses will do very well. Even if you position your products to hit the above sentiments, your product and brand will be noticed.

Offer innovative wardrobe changes

Instead of formals, consumers will now be demanding a lot of comfortable homely clothes, since most of them will be working from home. Office culture will suffer for some more time until the lockdowns are over. Experts are predicting that lockdowns will now be a part of our lives for some time so that fewer people will need formal clothes. Brands will need to be innovative to catch the audience’s eye.

Work from home accessories and home redesigning

Similarly, since people will be at home, there will be a lot of new furniture and household items which will be in demand. Workstations, renovations, or redesigning of homes and workspace will be in need.

Any product you offer to help consumers work from home more easily will sell. Printers, computers, laptops, routers, etc., come to mind. Especially plug and play devices will be a hit since nobody wants to get technical. Again innovative and useful products will be the key.

Ad campaigns need to change

The usual ad campaigns will no longer work. You need to come up with creative ideas like an ad series around the Indian Namaste would be a good idea to catch the eye at this point. Or come up with heart-warming ads of the good things that your company is doing at present to help those in need. That should be a hit since your clients will like it if you are sympathetic to their current situation.

Offer to assist consumers rather than offering luxury

Since consumers cannot go to a salon or beauty parlor for some time now, they will want all the help they can get with their looks – whether it is a simple hair cut or beauty and make-up products. If your product helps them in any way in this matter or even protects them in any way against the virus, they will be interested in your brand.

Promise hygienic delivery and keep things simple

With consumers of all ages now getting online for shopping, the user interface in most mobile apps and websites will have to cater to this growing audience. Simplify as much as possible so that you can retain customers. The more comfortable you make it, the better the stickiness to your brand. Even promising hygienic delivery will be an advantage.

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