COVID-19: How to Care for Your Mental Health

Stress can take its toll not only on our physique but also on our minds during crises like these. It is not only essential to take care of our physical bodies by washing our hands often and using disinfectants, gloves, and masks, but also equally important to monitor all mental health as well as that of our loved ones during such times.

Chaotic minds cannot function properly, and we need to ensure that we take special care of our minds. We take a look at a few ways we can reduce the stress levels and keep our mind healthy and occupied.

See the good side of things

Although we are being asked to do a lot of things which we were not doing earlier, like washing our hands often and keeping away from people, or not taking our daily walks, it is essential to keep a positive mindset and try to see that these are good for our family and us right now.

Stay in touch with close friends and relatives

You can always keep in touch with friends and relatives through your mobile phone since everyone is just a call away. Send more emails to your friends, or use WhatsApp to keep updated on their health. Imagine it as a time when you are out of the country – it wouldn’t have been much different, right?

Maintain a daily routine

Yes, you can’t go out for walks, or you can’t meet your friends in the park, but you can create new routines. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the time – like a little gardening or taking care of your pets. Make a new routine and stick to it.

Insist on seeing the positive side

If you find yourself being negative, try to look at the good side of everything that is happening to you. If your family is scared or feeling blue, try to lift their spirits with jokes or stories which will make them laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

Avoid watching the news all-day

Today we find news to be negative rather than positive. So avoid watching news channels throughout the day. Watch only 30 minutes of news updates in a day to keep yourself updated and then switch to self-help articles or try to find good news around the pandemic. So many good things are happening, you will be surprised.

Make an exercise routine

Exercise is the thing most of us will be missing since we can’t go to the gym or take a walk. So try to find new techniques like yoga, or aerobics which you can do at home. Learn about meditation, which can help you calm your mind. Teach your children the benefits of these.

Don’t rely on WhatsApp messages for news

Don’t believe everything you read on WhatsApp, especially bad news. Try to read or watch only reputed newspapers or channels and always check your facts. There is a lot of fake news going around about the coronavirus, so keep alert and don’t get bogged down by the drastic story. Always cross-check if things you read or hear are real.

Spend more time with your children or pets

Playing with your children or pets can be a stress-buster, so do this more often. It will also keep them occupied and out of mischief. Clean that fish tank or bath your pets – you will be surprised how de-stressing that can be.

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