COVID-19: Immediate Action Plan for Leaders

Human beings have shown resilience to innumerable catastrophes in the past. And COVID-19 will be no different. We will adapt and adjust to changing circumstances, especially if we have the right leadership. In times of crisis, humankind looks for the right leaders who can guide the masses on the right path.

Leadership is the key to survival. Hence it is critical to have the right personnel on the job and train them to handle all situations.

Immediate Action Plan for Leaders

A caring attitude

In a crisis like this, employees are at a loss as to what they need to do. And most of them are facing their problems in their own home, besides trying to figure out how to handle their professional lives without making a mess of both. So a leader needs to be sympathetic and empathetic. A severe reaction from you could demoralize a delicate mindset. Encouragement will be the key.

Build Trust

A key point for any leader is that his team needs to trust in him or her. And trust is earned. The team will only trust and believe in you if you can convince them that you care about the individuals in the organization. A self-serving leader often fails to build that confidence in his side.

Need for a plan

Most importantly, a leader needs to have a plan in mind so that you can guide the team accordingly. Lacking a policy does not mean you need to have all the answers. Nobody does. All you need to do is show the side what the plan and purpose are and what is guiding your decisions. If they know why you are taking a specific drastic decision, they will be more compliant, even if it means making some sacrifices of their own.

Respond to situations rather than react

It is significant for anyone, especially a leader, to respond to a circumstance by understanding the situation. If you react without thinking, it could be the wrong thing to do. Flaring up at situations or losing your cool will only make your team lose its faith in you, and may lead to grudges. And you cannot afford such sentiments at this stage.

Build a relationship with the team

Your relationship with the team should go beyond daily work. A leader who is interested in knowing more about your problems and taking an understanding view of the employee’s issues will get more results than someone who is curt and business-like. Even if you can’t help solve all problems, a listening ear will be much appreciated. So let your hair down, so to speak, and relax a bit. Your employees deserve some leeway to handle their problems as well.

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