COVID-19: This is a New World Order

A new world order arose after the second world war. Just like the great depression and the world wars, COVID-19, too, has had such far-reaching effects in the minds of people and the physical world, that it is no less a disaster. What emerges from the ashes will be a new world order.

This is a New World Order

Do not demonize cultures

While most developed countries realize how helpless they are against such a hidden enemy, some developing countries are showing them how to handle the situation. Many are blaming China for what has happened and asking for compensation. Others are merely pointing fingers. This is nothing but the demonization of cultures that needs to be avoided.


What the world needs to realize at this moment is that we need to work together. We have limited resources, and these need to be pooled together so that we can all come out of this mess together and build a better world. The only answer is working together, collaborating, and coming up with the best solution – and supplying it quickly to the rest of the world, whether it is a vaccine or our resources.

Fragmentation of the world will lead to hostility and war

Since we cannot see the enemy, it may not be up to us to gauge how far it will affect the world.  In this case, there are two ways to fight the crisis – either we break away from each other and fragment ourselves, each on his own, or we could unite and fight the mess together. This is at least up to us. Fragmentation of the world will lead to hostility and war, as we have seen in the past. This is not only true for within the country but between countries as well.

Avoid the negatives of capitalism

In many ways, capitalism is good for the economy because it lets you increase the size of the pie, and it benefits the growth of the economy.  But we do not want some of the outcomes that the system is producing, and we need to be vigilant there. The wealth-gap that comes from capitalism could be detrimental to the economy and needs to be monitored closely.

The Benefit of all

We need to make sure that the profits or gains are divided in such a manner that even the poor and the downtrodden are lifted up at the same time. That does not mean that we need to do charity. What we need are reforms, which will increase the productivity of the poor or the have-nots. For example, education is a great leveler. And so is the Internet. We need to ensure equal education to all because this will increase productivity. Governments and corporates should not shy away from such investments now. Don’t look at your budget; look at what is the need of the hour. Ensure primary education, health care, food, and shelter for all, and you will soon have a fast-growing economy.

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