COVID-19: Nature Is Rejoicing

Our lives have been turned topsy-turvy, thanks to the pandemic. But nature is undoubtedly rejoicing. Yes, you heard that right. While we stay indoors and stop all businesses, transport, etc., the reduction in pollution is showing quite clearly. Visibility is clear for miles around, and nature is taking back what rightly belongs to her.

Though this may not last long, once the lockdown is over, it is thought-provoking to see what could have been if human beings would not pollute the environment as much as we do. Let’s hope we all wisen up and give the environment the respect it deserves in times to come. This is something we can thank the pandemic for.

Nature Is Rejoicing

Air pollution levels are down worldwide

With almost all businesses and factories coming to a standstill and cars, trains, and flights standing still,  it is no surprise that the air pollution levels have dropped drastically, and there are reports pouring in from every corner of the world about this beautiful phenomena. We are able to breathe in the fresh air once more. Data from satellites show a significant drop in polluting gasses like nitrogen dioxide world over. But then, we don’t need satellite images to confirm that, right?

Rivers, lakes, and seas are flowing clean again

A lot of the pollution from industries which flows into rivers, lakes, and seas has stopped, and I am sure once environmentalists start testing waters so to speak, they will find the level of pollution lower down under too. I am sure every aquatic life is rejoicing and breathing easy. There are reports that the waters in Venice are clear once again, and you can see the fishes below.

Lower power consumption

Power consumption has fallen significantly, with all our industries keeping their shutters down during the lockdown. The drop in polluting fuels used in power stations will undoubtedly benefit the environment.

Pollution cut targets will be achieved sooner

Most chief ministers and environmentalists will be delighted that they can now meet their lower pollution level targets sooner. Even though this might not last long, it will be a welcome breather.

Effect on animals and birds

Birds and animals are the happiest, with less noise, fewer human beings, and cleaner air to breathe. There have been sightings of flocks of birds after years in some areas, almost as if they have accepted our apology and are back to their earlier routine. In some places across the world, even wild animals are moving freely without hindrance from traffic or human beings, which is a joy to see.

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