COVID-19: Changes and Improvements in the Education Industry

It’s no secret that a lot of changes have happened in our lives over the last few weeks. Whether it is in business, our professional careers or even our children’s schooling and college. About 1.5 billion school students are suddenly studying from home. And this has led to several innovations in the way schools are teaching.

In fact, there have been major changes in the fields of education across the board – most of them for the better. Home-schooling is now the norm. And most of these changes are here to stay. There are great opportunities for budding entrepreneurs due to these changes. Let’s take a look at some of them.

COVID-19: Changes and Improvements in the Education Industry

Online Education Boom

The world of classrooms has changed forever. Schools and colleges have shut down, albeit temporarily, and they are taking advantage of technology to keep in touch with their students and even doing video classes with them. Students are getting used to a new online culture. So innovative forms of teaching will be welcome, and you can build a successful business here.

Schools and Colleges forced to upgrade

Thousands of schools are still operating at a sad pace, without the proper facilities, but now these will have to be upgraded pronto, as, without these, they may be unable to teach students at all. Instead of the old way of teaching through lectures, schools and teachers will get more innovative and guide through all kinds of new methods, and even apps. Hardware and software companies that can cater to this need will do very well.

Free internet access for all students

There will be millions of students who don’t have internet connections. So governments will now have to provide free internet access to students across the world, and you can imagine what a boon this will be for students who will be able to access any kind of education they need simply at the press of a button. Hopefully, this will result in a whole new generation of computer-savvy youngsters, irrespective of their family’s economic background. This will mean boomtime for Internet companies and computer manufacturers.

No restriction in terms of physical space

With education going online, schools will not be restricted in terms of how many students they can register. Since you do not require a physical classroom, the world is your limit. You can log and teach thousands of students as long as you can manage to show them all and cater to individual needs as well.

Get the best teachers

If the number of children is not a limit, then that opens up more possibilities. Imagine the best teachers in the country, teaching a million students at the same time, through live streaming or live television. All kinds of education will benefit from this development. This can be applied to higher education in every aspect. Virtual classrooms are the need of the day. If you can upgrade your skills as a teacher, or even offer good teaching software, you will make it big.

Teachers will have to pull up their socks

Teachers will have to be doubly sure that they are teaching students properly because now they can be closely monitored by the parents, who will also be watching the class. Sub-standard teachers will no longer be able to get away with their jobs. Every school will have to train its teachers or ensure they hire the best. This will benefit all students tremendously, especially in a country like India.

Online Tuitions

In case you need extra tutoring, even your tuition teachers could come online and explain things to you. Earlier your local tuition teacher would do the job. But now you can reach out to any teacher across the country or the globe since it will all happen online.

Extra-curricular education will also do well online

This goes for all kinds of knowledge outside the school as well. Whether it is music classes, computer classes, cookery classes, cricket classes, or fitness classes, or even dance classes. All this can be taught online with the right course material. Anything you can take and put online will work provided you have excellent teachers and a flexible program for all ages.

Learn at your convenience

Online courses also offer you the flexibility of learning when you want and where you want. So if you are working from 9 am to 5 pm, you can probably do your course after that since it can be a recorded lecture and you don’t have to be physically present anywhere. You could probably hear the lecture while doing household chores.

Benefits of video and online research

Since you are already learning online, you could access tons of videos online if you don’t understand something. Youtube is filled with educational videos from every field. Or you can just google something while hearing a lecture if you need any more information. Learning will not only be more comfortable but smarter as well.

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