How to Connect Effectively with your Team

Communication is one of the most difficult aspects of the lock-down scenario. While employees are working from home, it becomes very hard to pass on information from top to down and vice versa.

However, it is equally true that communication between the management and employees is extremely crucial in this stage not only to achieve targets but also to make sure that employees are safe and sound in this crisis.

Here are a few ideas that entrepreneurs can use to build up team spirit and show your leadership abilities in this situation.

Effective communication with teams in the lock-down situation

Show the team how much you care

Don’t leave a single opportunity to show your team that you care. At the moment, they are more worried about the safety of their family than anything else.

Hence, you can probably encourage them to make use of their official leave and spend some free time with their family. Most employees may refuse, but at least they know you made a gesture.

Be present at every meeting

Earlier you may have been available only for selective meetings, but now make sure you are present in every zoom meeting.

This will not only show that you are aware of whatever is happening but also builds confidence that you are monitoring the situation and are in control.

Encourage employees to speak about family

A lot of employees are scared but don’t want to talk about it. In video meetings, ask each employee to talk about their family and how they are handling the crisis. Ask them if they need any help.

Even though they may not need anything, your gesture will go a long way in showing your leadership abilities.

Increase communication frequency

With things changing by the minute, it is important to keep yourself and your team updated. If you used to have one meeting a day earlier, try to increase the frequency now.

Maybe you can have a meeting at the end of the day to motivate them and also update them on the day’s successes or other happenings.

Take anonymous Questions

Employees may be hesitant to ask important questions because they fear a backlash or are embarrassed. Take anonymous questions from them and answer each question in the meetings without taking individual names.

This will not only keep communication channels clear but also help them clear their doubts without being laughed at or humiliated. They will appreciate you for it.

One-on-one communication

Call each employee individually and ask them how they are handling the current crisis. Is their family fine? Tell them it is okay to be scared, and maybe you can share some of your own fears to show them you are vulnerable too. A human side to a boss is always good to see.

Send a weekly newsletter

Share your thoughts through a weekly newsletter on what happened last week. There are some things that are better said via email than directly. Maybe share weekly revenue earned so that employees are aware of the situation and push themselves accordingly. The deeper you go the better right now.

Thank you for reading this article & watching the video. Until next stay positive, stay safe!

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