6 Tips to Boost Team Morale in Tough Times

Friends, when we are faced with a common enemy, even your rivals become your friends. So use this time to strengthen your team bonding process.

If you can show them that you are a strong leader in this crisis, they will literally follow you to the ends of the earth. A stronger team will also give you better results not only during this time of crisis but also during better times in the future.

Let’s look at some measures we can take to improve our teams morale in tough business conditions.

How to strengthen your team and improve morale during this crisis

Clear the uncertainty immediately

During crisis situations, there is a lot of speculation by employees. They might be worried about job cuts or salary cuts. The more the uncertainly, the more it will affect team morale. So if you are sure you are not going to cut jobs, inform them immediately.

If you are going to cut jobs, inform them quickly and also tell them that there will be no more job cuts so that the rest of the team can concentrate on their work. In case you don’t want to cut jobs, you might get away by cutting salaries only. Whatever the case, do it quickly and end the uncertainty.

Plan for the future and inform your teams about your plans

You must have definitely made a plan on how to outlast the competition in the near future. Inform your teams about your ideas immediately and ask them for suggestions and ideas on how to fine-tune your plan. Get them on board so that they feel involved too.

Give the team Hope

In times of crisis, its hope that keeps us going. So be sure to tell your team that there will be better times ahead. Talk to them about your long term goals, where you see your company five years down the line. Show them your vision so that they don’t lose hope.

Keep morale high

Keeping the team happy and motivated is the key to success, especially now. You can celebrate even minor victories at this stage, which will put the team in a good mood.

Encouragement, compliments, prizes for sales, victory bells, non-monetary rewards, an employee of the day prize — all this will help you increase morale in the team.

Offer better incentives

If you were offering a 5% incentive to your team earlier, maybe you can increase it to 10% for the next three months. Tell them this is temporary and that they should take advantage of it quickly because it will come down to 5% again after three months.

See your sales quickly increase with such incentives.

Offer higher designations and promotions

Maybe at this time, you cannot give good increments, but don’t let your employees feel bad. They will feel good when you offer them promotions and designation hikes too. This is a good way to reduce the shock of lower increments.

Thank you for reading this article & watching the video. Until next stay positive, stay safe!

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