Is Procrastination the Biggest Sin in Business?

Friends, I would like to emphasize the need to avoid procrastination in business today. We are watching how different countries are reacting to the Corona Virus threat today.

While some countries like India have taken action immediately and gone ahead with lock-downs and social distancing, other countries are suffering precisely because they were procrastinating when they should have been taking action. And this is actually a life and death situation.

Similarly, in business today, it is time to make decisions. There are many reasons why delaying decisions and waiting for the lock-down to end could mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business.

Is Procrastination the Biggest Sin in Business? – Agnelorajesh

Let us discuss a few points.

The task may be easier than you think

We sometimes put off things because we think it is a difficult thing to do. But it is only when we tackle these tasks that we realise that it only required us to start off, and the rest was easy.

So we were unnecessarily putting it off. For example, you plan to buy a prime property which will be good for your business and will immediately double your business, but you are putting off the decision because buying a property is a big decision for you.

A smarter businessman might come and close the deal before you. Don’t let that happen. If you think it is good for you, go ahead.

Miscalculation of time required to complete the job

Many times it may so happen that you think you can get a task completed in two days, so you wait for the last two days to do something.

A good example would be filing your taxes. However, when you physically take up the task, you may realise that you have miscalculated the time required, because it will take you five days to complete the task.

And then you end up paying huge fines. So leave yourself a buffer and begin well in advance.

Nobody can help you at the last moment

Suppose you were waiting for the last moment to make a decision and then realised that you need your friends to help you implement it.

Or you needed a key employee’s or manager’s help, and they have just gone on leave due to a family crisis. What do you do then? Wouldn’t it have been better to realise this when you had the time?

So remember that you could be dependent on external factors which you will not have control over the last minute.

Emergency situations could crop up

Say you were planning an important task for the end of the month. And then you hear of the lock-down. I am sure many of you have gone through this situation and are now wondering why you put off such an important job.

This could happen again. Especially in this situation when the lockdown could be extended. An emergency can put off our last minute schedule. So don’t wait for the last moment. Do things now!

Competition gets tougher

Keep important tasks for the beginning of the month rather than the end. Your competitor might be doing the same job at the beginning of the month to gain an advantage over you, while you are planning to do it at the end of the month. And that could mean he has a higher sales figure than you at the end of the month

Thank you for reading this article & watching the video. Until next stay safe, stay positive!

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