How is INDIA taming the giant COVID-19?

Friends here is some good news in the midst of all that is happening today. And you will be proud to hear this. Did you know that the world is sitting up and talking about how India is handling this crisis?

While superpowers and the most developed countries are fighting to handle the situation, India has shown the world how to take quick and mature decisions without hesitation.

Let me discuss some measures taken by India which are being applauded worldwide:

We have implemented Quick and decisive action

While some developed nations were dilly-dallying and taking the crisis lightly, India moved swiftly and surely to impose a lock-down which is expected to slow down the spread of the virus.

Even till a few days ago, some countries were wondering whether to close down their beaches and some world leaders were not sure whether they should wear a mask or not!

Our PM went live on television and alerted the nation about the crisis, and explained how to tackle it immediately. Many of our chief ministers also took these proactive steps simultaneously.

Our Planned shutdown was very helpful to contain the Virus.

While a lock-down can cause mayhem in most cases, the shutdown in India seems to be done with care. There are fewer people on the roads, and all essentials are available so that there is no panic situation. While there was some initial panic, people soon realized that the government was allowing outlets selling essentials to remain open.

Even in a country like the US, stores have no stocks remaining, unlike in India. Kudos to the authorities for ensuring that the public does not suffer unnecessarily. And kudos to all the government teams which are working for us tirelessly and in spite of working in risky conditions.

Great response by the public

Few people are used to forming long lines for purchasing essentials in India. But today if you see, they are patiently awaiting their turn.

In a supermarket like D-mart, people patiently collect coupons and come at the allotted time to buy what they need. The calmness of the Indian public is surprising foreigners because even in the US people are buying guns and ammunition because they expect the worst, while we are going about our business without such panic situations.

There is a Great and fantastic response by corporates

Most corporates have responded beautifully, by allowing their employees to work from home even before they were ordered to do so.

They are even taking advantage of technology like video calls to hold daily meetings to fill in the communication gap. Again, many supermarkets are open till 3 am to ensure that there is no shortage of essentials.

There has been a Strict action by the majority of the states

All the chief ministers have taken swift action. Irrespective of which party they belong to. There is no undue opposition by individual states. Even the police are being strict and not allowing people to roam around for no reason.

While some might say the action taken by them is harsh, we must remember that the situation is such. It is countries like Italy and Spain who have appreciated these measures because they know what they are going through today.

There has been a very impactful Social Distancing

Even while some countries are wondering how to maintain social distancing, people are talking about how we are drawing circles outside shops selling essentials, or even ATMs and banks to ensure that people stand only in these circles and maintain a distance from each other.

Social media is full of images of how calmly we are handling the situation.

India has Created hospitals from scratch

While many developed countries are saying they have a shortage of hospitals, India has given the go-ahead to convert railway coaches into ICU wards.

With our railway network being so vast, we have overnight created 10-thousand-bed mobile hospitals which can be sent to any part of India should the need arise. This is such a quick and practical solution that the world is sitting up and taking notice.

Thanks for reading & watching the video. Until next stay positive, stay safe!

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  • So happy to hear true words of gratitude in these times uncertainty and blame game .
    Coming from an accomplished personality , they seem real and relieving .

    Dr Bharat Shah
  • Excellent!
    Younger population in India
    BCG helped – Tuberculosis/lungs
    Malarial medicines helped
    Religious groups responded positively
    Alternate medication is a way of life to 90% of the population
    We don’t drink extra purified water. Or food for that matter. And so, our immune system has learnt to fight intruders
    Most Indians are spiritual bhaktis of one kind or other, which means they are in alpha state daily. This supports the immune system.
    Media/social media has done well.

    Charles Crasto
  • Great and wonderful observations. Nice analysis. Wish people understand and realise the measures.

  • 1. India as a country has been very smart in its lock down. Police is strict, but at the same time essentials are available right up to 3 am.
    2. Corporate offices in India are smart using technology for its meetings (video meetings) and making sure that business is fully functional.
    3. Train coaches are being used as ICU units, these mobile units can be transported anywhere in the country should there be an emergency. India has made sure people’s health is top priority in this critical situation and has been highly successful in countering this deadly virus.
    4. Thank You Sir, for you important input on this deadly virus and how our Nation is successfully countering this dangerous challenge.

    • Dear Rajesh,
      Good elaboration of the tackling of the COVID-19 crisis by our Country and a very positive response from the Citizens. Liked your style of presentation as usual, clear and articulated with force. Thank you.
      However the painful aspect was how the migrant labour which is to a large extent the backbone of our country’s economy was left to fend for themselves without putting a painless transition for their shifting to their homes or shelters at their place of work with food and water. Even today help has not reached the marginalised and vulnerable sections fully. A panic that could have been avoided.
      Also the brutal behavior of police on hapless citizens in many parts of the country was inhuman. While the police did some commendable work , such patterns of irresponsible violence cannot be condoned and should be held accountable. They should understand that this was a medical problem and not a law and order situation.
      I was just sharing my point of view.
      However, Agnelorajesh, my friend , it was a pleasure to hear you.
      Thank you once again.

      Dolphy Dsouza
  • Measures taken by the Indian government aptly explained in short video beautifully presented by Mr Agnelo Rajesh Athaide


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