Boom Post this Gloom in the Indian Real Estate

The Real Estate to BOOM after COVID-19 mayhem….??

Yes … …?..

It is quite evident that the global economy has already entered into a great recession.

Superpowers like Italy, America will be worst affected. Almost all the industries-Travel and Tourism, White Goods, IT, Retail and many other industries are suffering huge challenges.

Amongst all these negative news, there is a brighter side of it for India, especially the Indian Real Estate market.

As the whole world seems to have lost control, India is doing far better and has managed to contain the pandemic.

The question to ask is why will Indian Real Estate grow?? ?

1. The whole world has lost its faith and trust in China.

2. The world has started disliking the place where the problem has originated from.

3. The only option left for the whole world would be India, which provides the most skilled manpower at the lowest cost.

4. Stock Exchanges / Gold are no more a Safe option for Investment.

5. Indian Government and Banks are planning to infuse large amounts of Money for economic revival.

6. India will overcome this crisis much earlier than most of the countries.

7. India is all set to grab this opportunity. Programs, like Make in India, Startup India, will give an extra push to the economy of India.

8. Villas with rental incomes, residential spaces, Commercial Spaces, Offices, and Retail will eventually see a spike in demand.

9. As the reverse Migration from America and other countries will soon start happening, it will lead to a great demand in the real estate of India.

10. Northern and southern India has a Majority Share in the NRI population.

11. Lockdown will leave everyone with a desire to have a bigger living space; therefore, most of the Occupants would look for better residential space. (1 bhk to 2/3 bhk, Flats to Villas, Villas to Farmhouses)

12. This un-paralleled demand in Real Estate is foreseen by many experts and it obviously makes it a lucrative deal for Investors as well as end-user.

13. THE expected ROI could be seen at approx. 1.7 X (almost 2 times) for residential and 1.5X for commercial within 3-5 yrs

14. India will become the Manufacturing and Export hub (Like China) in the next 5 yrs. Which would create a huge Jobs and bring prosperity to the country?

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Friends I am Agnelorajesh, chairman for ST. ANGELOS VNCT VENTURES.

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  • This effective article shows well market study along with lots of positivity in this situation.

  • Timely. Informative. Precise. Concise.

    Ritu D Ferrao
  • I completely endorse the points mentioned in the article. Inda definately has the opportunity to emerge as the fastest progressive country . The Real Estate sector will definately boom.

    Santosh Hasotkar
  • Very Important points have been highlighted in this vital informative article. Covid control in India has been commendable. China currently and next few years dangerous place to invest.

    Investing in stock & gold seems is not safe considering the current situation.

    India is the right place to invest and work as skilled labor is available at very economical price. Hence demand in residence & commercial properties in India. With India growing lot NRI’s desire to live in their Mother land, this directly gives demand to Real Estate Industry in India.

    Invest now and ROI is going to be almost twice in next few years. Great article ?

  • It’s Very true Real Estate will catch up slowly & gradually.And the way demand is increasing we can expect a boom.

    John Joseph
  • It’s Very true Real Estate will catch up slowly & gradually.And the way demand is increasing we can expect a boom as social distancing has become priority and people would prefer to be away from the crowded place and would like to live in peace ,calm and pollution free place at the same time enjoy home staying.

    John Joseph
    • Yes, now Indian real estate market will be boom, as now people has realised that safest and best investment is only property investment, and people now more and more want to do bussiness and other commercial things with India, which lead to more and more investment in property so it is the right time to buy a property so you’ll get the maximum appreciation.

      Ashwin Devaliya
  • It’s Very true Real Estate will catch up slowly & gradually.And the way demand is increasing we can expect a boom as social distancing has become priority and people would prefer to be away from the crowded place and would like to live in peace ,calm and pollution free place at the same time enjoy home staying.

    John Joseph
  • Each and every situation brings with it an opportunity which is like a jackpot, and only those who have a vision to see through it, become winners..

    This pandemic which is hounding like a horror around the world,is from another way opening a massive door of opportunities,growth,success and help in becoming a super power for our country India,which has immense amount of skilled resources in every form and comes at a competitive rate..

    Many many developed countries which failed unfortunately to take immediate steps in this situation have been hit sooo sooo badly that a reversal migration towards us will begin big time and bring inn immense flow of wealth in form of investments

    And this will happen purely because India is a very very promising nation with all kinds of talent, resources,power,vision.

    Only and only one thing that has been a constant since time immemorial which is the safest and sure shot multiplier is Property investment in any form.

    So Real estate now will see the best time ever and for the longest period of time ahead in the form of immense appreciation and constant multiplication

    Also people having realised the importance of having bigger space due to social distancing which this pandemic has made the human realise, people opting for bigger space will eventually start happening..

    Owning a villa, bungalow, bigger space with nature around will become a priority for people.

    With immense amount of opportunity pumping inn, real estate will start booming in every sector, be it residential premises, commercial premises, villas,bungalows, industrial growth and also infra development in a humongous way.

    Person taking the right decision at the right time and a right way will only seee glory ahead.. its a blessing in disguise..

    Deap Karia
  • Definitely real estate is always on demand as safe investment. Now a days since country situation are such people are left with the one of the option to invest is Real Estate. Increasing demand and living culture has become gradually changing people want to lnvest in real estate.its safe and secure investment.

    Dinesh kanojiya
  • Excellent explain about Real estate knowledge

  • Hiii
    Excellent explained for real estate can help you to make money with rental returns and most safest for investment purpose with 100% property Appreciation.
    in current situation real estate is the best investment for with help of rental returns and appreciation for long period

  • Nowadays The world economy has entered into great recession and every situation leads to create great opportunity. Almost all the sectors like IT, travel n tour, retail, white goods will worsely be affected. People across the world have lost their faith in china. So in coming days there will be a great paradigm shift which will enable the world to access the cheapest skilled manpower, and India will grab this opportunity. At this pandemic the indian government is planning the infuse great fund to revive the economy.

    Due to social distancing People now have realized the importance of bigger house, owning villas,bigger space which will create a great demand in real estate sector.

    And lucrative deals like villas with rental income will attract the investors as well as end users.

  • Real estate is best investment option sir,
    Thanks your posting details

  • Nice Blog!! The content you have shared is very elaborative and informative. Thanks a lot for sharing such a great piece of knowledge with us.


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