Sales Have Many Connect Points For A Sales Person To Affect His Sales. One Of The Connect Point Is Over A Phone Call.

When you make a phone call it is very important that your voice has to be exciting and interesting, your energy level should be high and your focus on conversation needs to be hundred percent.

Each element of action needs to be a strategy. A well planned activity definitely gives better results and the same is applicable before you make calls for sales.

A well prepared script will always be helpful. The script needs to match the product being sold. The script needs to be well worded. Your pitch for a cold call needs to be different from your warm call and also needs to be different for a referral call. Never use one single format of a script for all types of calls. Your efforts won’t be productive. Never be lazy and ensure that every situation will need a script adapted to the situation.

Be bold and positive on the phone. Never underestimate your skills. There is nothing to lose. In fact you might gain a customer. Positivity in the mind for each call improves the prospect of the prospect. Your confidence should be the same for each call, irrespective of the outcome. Enthusiasm should always be the same throughout all the calls.

When you make a call, there would be different situations at the other end. The person might not take the call, or might be busy, or phone would be switched off. Never leave a lead ever. Keep following up till you reach the prospect and deliver your pitch. Also remember, every prospect decides differently in different situation and time. A prospect, who is not converted today, might get converted after a few days. Once a prospect, ensure he would become a customer in the near future by being in touch with him through emails, SMS or WhatsApp. . Persistence leads to victory.

When you are on the call it is very important for you to understand how the prospect is feeling after listening to your pitch, you should also understand his interest level while the conversation is on. Please remember when you are speaking over the phone, you are actually imagining the prospect to be sitting in front of you and having a conversation with you. This is very important because that’s how you can get a grip over the conversation.

Its a million dollar chance when you get the prospect on the line, the first few words that you speak should definitely get the listener interested, only then will the conversation last. Your first statement or your first line needs to be very very impactful, which should express how it can help the prospect and only then he will continue the conversation and only then will you get an opportunity to convert him into a sale.

Long and lengthy pitches don’t work effectively. Short and exciting pitches are very interesting and important and that is what will get the prospect converted to a customer. So please remember to be as short and brief as possible & talk about the next action after the phone call. Probably the next action could be a personal meeting and conversion and collecting payment of the sale.

For doing sales over the phone it is very important that you keep continuing your enthusiasm irrespective of the outcome of every phone call that you make. If you reach more number of people with the same percentage of conversion you will have more customers in hands so remember this equation and without losing enthusiasm keep pursuing more number of people so that with similar percentage, it will convert good number of customers.

Effective sales call, all over the phone is the key for acquiring more customers. The importance of sales over phone calls is very critical for every organization. Make the best use of it. Device the best strategy and be as effective as possible. Happy selling.

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