Language To Be Used For Closing A Sale.

How we present ourselves and how we make a pitch to a prospect, matters a lot to close a sale.

The language we use and the words we use are most important.

Every word triggers an emotion and each emotion triggered needs to take you closer to close a sale. It’s very important to do so.

Homework matters a lot. One needs to study the project / product or service in depth before you start the efforts of selling.

Getting a prospect is a process by itself. It’s very important to understand that every prospect is a sure shot customer. If handled well, he is your customer or he is someone else’s customer.

A sales closure cannot be only a financial proposition or a transaction. The prospect needs to feel that its new relationship that being built. With the company and the person making the sale.

Remember, people first buy into the personality of the person and then the product. Otherwise there are many who sell the same product or similar products. Why should he buy from you? Is a billion dollar question.

For e.g. we build and sell villas. Our proposition is FUTURE SECURED THROUGH PROPERTY APPRECIATION AND RENTAL REVENUES.

Our closing pitch is, “it’s our location, design, quality and price which will ensure you the comfort of living, value of appreciation and rental returns which will help you subsidize your loan repayment. There is no similar location / price / product / financial arrangement in the market. And since we have only limited number of villas, grab the opportunity. The villa assures pure oxygen because it is the pristine surroundings, adds health to your living, gives you convenience of travelling and the appreciation assures a great future for your next generation. This makes the prospect interested and books our villa.

The customer will have many ways to say a NO but only one way to agree and that’s a YES.

If the prospect is saying that he would revert or he needs time to think or this is not the best time for him to buy or he has other financial commitments etc, it’s a sweet way of saying a NO.

A prospect will buy only if his emotions are activated his future financial benefits are clearly visible to him, he sees value in the purchase, he feels that he gains more than the seller; he finds that the proposition is the best in the market.

Use of words like assured, guaranteed, for sure, best, latest, value for money, limited stock, appreciation, testimonials and references , easy payment options, etc would help to close a deal.

For e.g. At the pitch for selling villas by using the above words would be “ we ASSURE you that this location will appreciate because of the infrastructure development on the Samruddhi mahamarg super express highway and we GUARANTEE you rental revenues from TRIP VILLAS which will for sure help you to subsidize the Loan repayment because of the LATEST format of rentals in the form of revenue share between you and TRIP VILLAS which will get you VALUE FOR MONEY invested and since we have a LIMITED stock of villas there will always be demand , which will add to your APPRECIATION and that’s the only reason why people like Mr. Sunny Agarwal who is the associate Director at Citibank, Mr. Gopal Balasubramanium who is a Senior Partner with KPMG , Ms. Mrinal Ganpathye who is the Vice President at HDFC Insurance and many more have bought at the Sussanne Khan designed THE WHITE VILLAS, SHAHAPUR, which they bought with the EASY PAYMENT options from the banks.“

However good the product, a sales closure is important and the language you use can be very useful for positive results.

Happy selling. ????

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