How To Think Is A Very Interesting Thought.

We should ensure that our past experiences should not be the only basis of making decisions. We should always remember to analyze the situation and new facts. For e.g. two meetings in the first half of the day with no results should not dampen our spirit for the 3rd meeting. Probably the 3rd meeting would give you bulk sales.

People make judgments from their past experiences and which prevents them from encashing big OPPORTUNITIES. Let me share a live example. Our team was pursuing a client in Doha who had a terrible experience with his past property purchase with some other company and was not ready to meet us based on that experience. When our meeting happened, not only did he book a villa, he booked two villas and now his brother has booked 2 more. Never give up on a lead/opportunity/client that has had a bad past experience with some other company. Such customers are the easiest and best to convert because we educate them on how we are different and how we keep our commitments.

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