Networking in today’s world is very critical and important. It shapes your thoughts and the speed of your growth. It gives you direction and it defines the way you think.

1.Have a list of people with you.

• The ones who help you and you are always looking for opportunities to help
them or support them.
• The ones who you help all the time.
• The ones you help and who never reciprocate your help in any form.
• The ones who can be helpful in the journey of your growth.
• Once the above list is classified, you can then plan your focus on them and
budget your time accordingly. Also try to self estimate where you would be on
other people’s lists.
• These lists can help you achieve your goals. This list will have your
friends, relatives, colleagues and customers.

2. Always be connected with people who are ambitious and well connected and are hungry to grow. In them you will see reflections of an attitude which will help you to develop yours. Remember, all around you will teach you. What they are best at. You need to learn by being attentive and observant and by being around the right set of people. And our customers are the best people to be around with.

3. When you meet someone new, Build and develop a rapport. It happens over a period of time and some positive experiences. But the mental clicking happens in the first moment itself and from there on; you need to build it carefully.

4. One needs to remember that you cannot nag someone. People love to support. People love to extend the power of their network provided we support them with our services and fulfillments of our commitments. . But it takes time to sink into their power of confidence on you. Being useful is the best magnet. Being selfless is an attraction. And you extending your support unconditionally and without any deal in mind are the best respect generator. Remember, each one of us gets profiled in the mind of the other person, especially our customer. Our behavior will define that profile.

Never forget to build a network with our vendors, customers, colleagues and all possible tie ups which can help us achieve our targets.

At SAVV, we need to ensure that we always keep building a network of our customers who can become the backbone of our success by repeat buying or by referral sales. We need to deep profile each customer so that we can build our expectations accordingly.

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