Quantum Leaps Can Be Achieved With Quantum Leaps In Your Productivity

The differentiator of the successful person is the quality of his efforts, which are more productive than others. Like Shahrukh Khan who began with the television and then with the same amount of better efforts came to the National cinema and is today a global sensation. His productivity just kept multiplying.

Every day we evolve. And we need to be aware of how much we evolve. This could be your productivity growth. And it can happen with efforts which are well thought of and well planned activities.

We need to segregate our most important goals and tasks and we need to have them well planned within a defined time line for completion. These need to be tracked. Our mornings are the most energetic with a fresh mind and a well rested body. This time needs to be dedicated to the most important pending tasks. When we focus on an important task at hand with grit and focus, we end up achieving it.

The way we think and the way we take decisions, decide the productivity levels and these come with experience and self realizations of where we are heading. Managing distractions is the key for productivity. And today it begins with how you save time by being less addicted to social media or your smart phones. You can time their use and still use them effectively.

The circles of people who are our ecosystem are the people who influence our behavior. Which means it’s critical that we select the right set of people who motivate us and energize us. We become whom we interact with. Our ideas and our enthusiasm and the decisions we make are generally copied sub consciously from the people around us.

Every day, when you are focusing on your core goals, you can maintain focus by being disconnected from the world. All smart phones have facilities like DO NOT DISTURB, which allows only your important people, identified by you, to reach you. This can help you for your productivity. Create time slots during the day when you’re in accessible.

Have minimum number of goals which can help you to focus and achieve them. Having a goal is one thing but to achieve it is most important. Like what Mahatma Gandhi did with FREEDOM to what Steve Jobs did with IPHONE to what Narayan Murthy did with INFOSYS to what M F Hussein did with his PAINTINGS.

The new ways of way forward is to have goals which can support your past achieved goals and the current ones also apart from building new ones with new zeal.

We need to be aware that the knowledge you have gained from the experiences you have gone through can help you build and achieve new goals.

Achieving uncomfortable and difficult looking size of goals is progress.

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