Some entrepreneurs get lucky in business and succeed. By DESTINY they do something and by coincidence it happens to be at the right place and at the right time with the right price and amongst the right audience and growth happens.

Well that’s quite a fairytale. And all wish it happens as mentioned above. But life is not so. Every entrepreneur needs to devise his way to success.

Whatever product or service (let’s address even a service as a product) an entrepreneur offers needs to be a solution to what the customer is looking out for. A customer who is buying our product is actually hiring us to complete his tasks. His expectations are to be served.

Your product needs to achieve a task for the customer who has bought it. We were used to carrying a notepad, a camera, a radio, a mobile phone, a recorder, a GPS guide, a calculator and a DVD player. Phew. That’s a lot. And the smart phone was invented and just a few inches in size and few ounces in weight as a product, combined all the functionalities and a new category of a smartphone was born. And the rest is history. Today a smartphone does much much more. It’s solving multiple tasks for the customer and are multiple employees serving you in a single pocket sized device.

We need to be the user of our own product. We need to map the journey of a prospect to a customer of our own offering. And we need to keep improving customer satisfaction and experiences. This will ensure market leadership and growth.

You need to keep innovating your offering. At ST. ANGELOS VNCT VENTURES, we decided to make the villa not only an asset but also a source of revenue with progressive rental returns, a solution to financial future due to capital appreciation Possibilities, a asset which leverages bank loan, gets maintained by trip villas and gives you opportunities of hassle free holidays at your villa and make it a earning member of your family when not being used by you.

Days have changed. What a product can do for your customer needs to be much more than what he would pay for. The value he gets has to be much much higher than the price he pays.

Being conscious and innovative of your product would not only help your customers, but will also help you scale up and grow.

When your product answers unasked questions, you can be assured of being on the right track. Being your own customer can help u understand the wants and needs of your customers better. And when you document the journey of a customer and when you capture the reviews and feedbacks of your customers, you are moving closer to achieving the well desired success.

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