How you wake up each Day, defines the rest of your day, especially the thoughts that you get up with. We need to be conscious of what’s in our mind the first moment that we wake up. And early waking up has multiple benefits especially in terms of energy levels and enthusiasm. This is the best time to be aware of your goals and what you need to achieve during the day and the rest of your life. This is also the best time to invest at least 30 minutes each for your learning and also for exercise. Both will give you longevity for life, success and well being.

A plan defines the allocation of your resources. When u plan your / week / month. /year, it would help you to be aware of timelines of the planned activities and the quantum of attention and resources required. You can do this planning on your smart phone with reminders or on a paper which will be visually motivating and reminding you at all times. What gets planned gets achieved. What’s alive in the mind goes towards making it happen.

Whatever we do is a game of value versus price. Successful people give 10 times more value than the price to the customer and that’s why the customers make them successful. Apple or a Mercedes makes good amount of profits on each product they sell and deliver and get people keep buying them all the time. The reason is nothing but value. The value that the customers get from these products, exceed their expectations. A productive employee becomes the attention zone because he is delivering more value than what he is paid for. A valuable partner in a business becomes more invaluable because of the value he creates in the enterprise. Always be in the game of value creation. That’s the game to play.

Formal education does help but you can hire people who are well educated. Self learning on a daily basis helps you to create wonders. Every single day we need to invest time in educating ourselves. And with technology around us, it’s become so easy. What you learn and what you write about gets embedded in your subconscious mind and it gets integrated into your decision making. We need to ensure at least 1 hour of self learning. A well read person is visible even in a crowd and his conversations will get recorded by people.

In this fast paced life, it’s very important to be aware that you are driving in the right direction because whatever your speed in the direction of Delhi, Chennai won’t come since you travelled in the wrong direction. Introspection with what you are doing in correlation of your goals is very important. Self communication on how you are doing with your life goals is very important. Being aware of your life’s journey is critical. These elements will ensure your achievements.

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