When I was a college student, someone said, EGO means “EVIL GOING ON” but I said, if handled well, its “EXCITEMENT GOING ON”

Let’s explore.

People destroy themselves when they nurture EGO which is disproportionate to their capability and capacity. For e.g. a sprint runner and winner when overconfident of winning always, loses in a marathon, it’s his ego which destroys him. In the next sprint run, he loses because now he has lost his confidence.

We need to play the game which matches our capabilities and our expectations. A ego drive to beat someone else, makes us forget his capabilities and we end up losing. Ego can mesmerize you to believe what you are not and this is the beginning of the end.

EGO is a strong positive too. It empowers you to move forward and do the impossible. If the whites would not have hurt the ego of MAHATMA GANDHI, India would have had a different story.

If BARRAK OBAMA had not insulted the ego of DONALD TRUMP, DONALD wouldn’t have become the president.

All successful people have been victims who rose to beat their peers.

Ego can be a strong positive provided you depend on factual data and match it with what you can achieve and what you cannot.

You can learn from the people who are more successful compared to you. It teaches you what you need to do to achieve the same or more success.

You need to teach the ones who are yet to match your success. This would teach you to be humble and a learning mind. Because you can’t teach if you won’t learn. It also helps you to reflect on what you do

The people who are your equal, are an indication that you need to move ahead. Here you competes with the skills and the will and improve on your abilities, capabilities and resources and surge forward. A race motivates u to do more. It excites you and reminds you to do better.

Ego should always be monitored. The consequences should always be calculated. The pros and cons always need to be understood.

When a super successful person fails, the credit goes to his ego. And when a successful man becomes super successful, the credit goes to his ego.

So define your ego well and become EGOISTIC for positive results and dodge the negative image by being aware of a negative EGO.

It’s mandatory to have an ego which serves the society through you and is constructive in nature for the benefit of mankind. Such an ego will be the success story of your life.

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