Every living moment is a Moment of decision making. Small decisions and big decisions. Decisions related to our personal life and decisions related to others and the world. But decisions and decisions directly impacting us in some way or the other.

Whenever we make decisions, we are used to not taking more than 2 options to decide. This increases the chances of taking the wrong decision. We need to have more options. We also need to ensure that our decision should not only solve short term requirements but they need to play a role in our long term goals.

Correct decisions can happen when you create more options and understand them before taking a decision. We also need to ratify or cross check the decision before it’s taken. Short term solution is not the right way forward. After a decision is taken, a reality check can be very very helpful. It helps you to understand your perception in comparison to the reality of the decision and saves you from a wrong output of the decision.

A decision can also be course corrected and can also be modified by passage of time and change of situations and circumstances. A lot of prethoughts and consequence calculations can also help you take the right decisions.

Whether it’s a game or a business environment or a career selection, it’s the quality of the decision that writes your further DESTINY. So REALISE, ANALYSE AND FINALISE the best validated decisions. Because life is a COMBINATION of the DECISIONS that you have taken.

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