Objection Handling During Sales

We all are always into a sales mode. Irrespective of whether we are actually selling something or not.

But during an actual sale, the prospects would be of different kinds and would have variety of formats of objections. How to handle them is what we need to understand and move forward accordingly.

  1. A prospect who is very silent. In such cases we need to make him ask questions and make him communicate. If we keep talking it won’t serve the purpose.
  2. A prospect who knows a lot will always talk a lot and make u listen. Such times u need to appreciate his point and move forward to closing the deal.
  3. A prospect who will be in an angry mood due to his personal or professional circumstances needs to be handled different. Remember he is not angry with u. So ignore his anxiety and explain him subject.
  4. A prospect who is giving excuses for the purchase, to such prospects, explain the opportunity he is facing and what he would lose.
  5. A prospect who meets reluctantly. Explain him about your offering and how offering can add value to his life and how what u r offering is more than what he would be paying. In terms of value, pitch should be a very very short one.
  6. An indecisive prospect. With such a prospect help him decide. Show him how you have helped other prospects who were postponing their decision and how u helped them decide and how as of today they are best customers.
  7. Many times the prospect has wrong notions of the market. You need to educate them in the right direction and help them buy. For example, in the Real estate sector, people think it’s the wrong time to buy whereas it’s the best time since all are thinking otherwise and the rates are at the bottom. Also one can explain how properties in the outskirts can be bought now and these will appreciate in the years to come.
  8. All are keen to multiply their capital. This angle needs to be kept in mind all the time. If you can convince that your product will rise in value over the years, people will buy. If u can convince that your product will add value to whatever the prospect is involved in, he will buy.
  9. During objection handling, you need to be aware of not hurting the prospects ego. His views need to be respected. His ideas need to be appreciated. His opinion needs to be understood. But you need to focus on your pitch and your offering and ensure the prospect buys.

Every person around u is a prospect. Every prospect is a buyer. Every buyer needs to be explained the value proposition. Every value proposition needs to have a right and the best pitch. And every pitch needs to be short and sweet and to the point with factual and actual explained in the most confident way. And the confidence should result into an immediate transaction. And the transaction needs to be mutually beneficial, but more so towards the customer. And the sale happens.

Happy Selling. ????

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